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If you want to live in the best possible suburb in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, you've come to the right website. We've got all the information you could ever want about the creme de la creme of Metroplex suburbs: Plano, Texas, including real estate advice, job prospects, entertainment venues, and tasty restaurants. Residents of Plano, TX have a very high average household income and enjoy quiet suburban living. If this sounds like a lifestyle you're interested in, simply browse through the pages of information set out for you in this website to learn more about how you can achieve it.

Plano, Texas: An All-American City

Sitting quietly on the Texas plains just north of the sprawling urban metropolis that is the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth metropolitan area is the city of Plano. Though technically a suburb or bedroom community of Dallas-Fort Worth, Plano is a city in its own right. It has a population of 260,000 people, making it the ninth largest city in Texas and one of the most important cities in Collin County. Located just over 17 miles from Dallas, Plano tops out at 71 square miles and directly borders seven other suburbs. The name "Plano" comes from the Spanish word for "flat."

Though many Plano, TX residents commute into Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington for work, the city does have a significant economic base of its own, primarily in the business sector. It is the home of the headquarters offices for a number of prominent companies including Ericsson, J.C. Penny, Frito-Lay, Cinemark Theaters, and Dr. Pepper. Tourism through business conventions also contributes significantly, as the city has a large convention center and 80% of visitors to the city come for business trips.

Over the years, Plano, Texas has garnered numerous accolades for standard of living, average annual income, and education. Plano, TX secondary schools, which are split into high schools for grades 9 and 10 and senior high schools for grades 11 and 12, are top ranked, sometimes sending as many as 100 students to the National Merit semifinals. The city ranks consistently highly on CNN Money magazine's annual ranking of best cities to live in America and was once recognized as an All-America City. The United States Census Bureau also declared it the wealthiest city in America with a population greater than 250,000 for the year of 2008.

Neighborhoods and Home Styles in Plano, TX

The majority of neighborhoods in Plano, Texas exemplify the American dream life. The streets are quiet and residential, often lined with trees or bordering on a neighborhood park. Houses are spacious and modern with yards and picket fences. Neighbors are friendly and always planning the next block party or neighborhood action group meeting. Schools are close enough for kids to walk to in most cases. Even the names, like Stanford Estates or Village Creek, reflect the community spirit and high average income levels of neighborhood residents. For more on what to expect from Plano neighborhoods, visit our community page.

Due to the desirability of such a lifestyle, the population of Plano, Texas is ever-expanding. However, thanks to of the flat topography and stellar city planning, infrastructure is able to keep pace. The result is a succession of neighborhoods linked by a simple, highly-organized series of grid-patterned streets, transit routes, water mains, and sewer lines. Since the city is bordered on all sides by other communities, any future development in Plano will be toward improving existing infrastructure rather than outward expansion.

Despite the high average income levels and top-notch standard of living, buying into the Plano, TX lifestyle isn't as expensive as you might imagine. The cost of living in the city is 92.3, which is actually less than the United States average of 100. You can buy the average single family detached home for around $263,000, while renting a property costs approximately $950 per month on average.


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